Month: March 2015

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Library Haul and Reading List, 3/29/15

Library Stack

Well, this list is a couple of days late, but better late than never. This week’s list is an homage to the late Terry Pratchett. Despite having read all but ten of the  Discworld books, I never managed to read his YA series set in the same universe. The four-book series begins with The Wee …

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Why You Should Shun The Content Mills

Content mills

  Many freelance writers work or have worked for a content mill at some point. Many have regretted the experience. Content mills are websites devoted to posting tons of articles on almost every subject imaginable (and some that aren’t, see number seven, below). Quality standards vary and most pay very little for the work required. …

Books, Reading, & Libraries

Library Haul and Reading List, 3/21/15

Library Stack 3/11/15

This week’s stack of books is mostly educational, in one way or another. I’m still working on increasing my knowledge of social media and taking some time to explore WWI history. And, of course, there’s the obligatory writing guide thrown in, too.

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Writing With The Sims

Hard Drive

I confess: I’m a huge fan of the computer game, The Sims. I’ve played it since the first iteration and have spent an embarrassing amount of money and time on the game. It used to be a guilty pleasure until I discovered that I could use it to further my writing. I could play and …

Books, Reading, & Libraries

The First Library Haul and Reading List, 3/13/15

Library Stack 3/13/15

People are often curious about what and how often I read. The answers are, “Almost anything and all the time.” I can churn through about five books a week unless something extraordinary is going on. I’ve even been known to read cereal and cracker boxes during meals if nothing else is available. If you’ve ever …