Month: June 2015

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Library Haul and Reading List 6/26/15

Books 6/26/15

The heat wave is in full effect and there’s not much else to do but curl up inside close to an AC vent and chill out with a good book. It’s too hot to even go to the beach. No matter. A summer read is a summer read, no matter where you read it. This …

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Experimenting With The Bullet Journal


I’ve kept journals ever since I can remember. Some have been pure diaries, some have been travelogues, and others have been more task/time management oriented. I’ve used everything from spiral notebooks to the really nice Moleskine books and I’ve tried (and rejected) quite a few apps and programs. (There’s just something about using a pen …

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Don’t All Writers Tell Themselves Bedtime Stories?


Apparently, I’m weird. Not that this is news, but a writer friend has confirmed it. Over our weekly lunch, she mentioned that she was having trouble falling asleep at night and asked if I had any suggestions, barring drugs which she was unwilling to take. I told her that I tell myself stories to fall …

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6 Lies I Tell Myself During the Submission Process


Now that I’ve got another novel out on submission to agents and editors, I’m back to chuckling at the lies I keep telling myself. I find it funny because I don’t tell myself these lies at any other time, or for any other reason. Every couple of years, though, like some deranged migratory bird, I …

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15 Tips for Book Titles


Titling a book is a tricky thing. There are many considerations. You want it to be catchy but meaningful. You don’t want the same title that a thousand others have already used. You want it to convey what the work is about without giving away the ending. You don’t want it to be so long …