Month: July 2015

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9 Things to Know Before You Collaborate


At some point in your writing career you might be asked (or need) to collaborate with someone else on a project. You may co-author a novel together, you may need someone with scientific experience you don’t have when you write your non-fiction book, or you may need to hire an illustrator for your children’s book. …

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19 Reasons Not To Write

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I recently wrote a post offering 23 reasons why you should write. There are plenty of good reasons to take up writing, either as a hobby or a profession. Well, as with everything, there is a flip side. There are plenty of reasons to avoid writing. Too many people think that it’s an easy job, …

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Library Haul and Reading List 7/17/15

Library Haul and Reading List 7/17/15

I haven’t been reading as much as I intended to this summer. In fact, I’ve barely qualified for the prizes in the library’s summer reading program! I’ve checked out just enough books to stay ahead of the cutoff line. Things have just been hectic. Fun and exciting, but hectic. Ah, well. Summer will soon be …

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23 Reasons to Write


We all have our reasons for writing, but a surprisingly large number of us have probably never articulated them to ourselves. Being a writer isn’t quite like growing up wanting to be an astronaut or a doctor, for example. “I want to go to space,” or “I want to help sick people,” (or “I like …

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What to Do Instead of Writing for Content Mills

Paper and Pen

In response to my piece on shunning the content mills, someone asked this question: “Well, what do I do to break in if I don’t write for those places?” This question taps into a huge misconception: That content mills are the only path to becoming a known and valued writer. This is simply not true. …