Month: October 2015

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Happy Halloween!

Halloween Sunset

Just a quick note to wish you all a Happy Halloween. This year, it’s also known to writers as NaNoWriMo Eve, which might be scarier than anything the ghosts and ghouls can dish out. And if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, make sure you don’t stay up too late partying and trick-or-treating. You’re going to need the …

Books, Reading, & Libraries

Library Haul & Reading List 10/30/15

Library Haul & Reading List 10/30/15

NaNoWriMo starts in two days! I’m all set (I hope) to really crank out boatloads of content for the second novel in the Broken Fate series. I have more incentive than ever to win this year because winners get a 50% discount on Scrivener software. (Even if you don’t win, you can still save 20%  …

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Why Writers Are Some of the Mentally Strongest People I Know


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful writers over the years. One thing they all seem to have in common is a certain mental toughness. They don’t let the small stuff get to them and they have an ability to persevere in the face of incredible obstacles. Even when dealing with horrible things unrelated …

Books, Reading, & Libraries

Library Haul & Reading List 10/23/15

Library Haul & Reading List 10/23/15

This week’s list is all YA. There are a ton of good young adult books coming out this fall and they’re coming in faster than I can read them! I’m particularly interested in Vengeance Road as it’s a western, which is a rarity. In other news, the print version of Broken Fate is now available …

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So, You Want to Be a Writer


People often ask me, “How do I become a writer? What education do I need? How do I get experience?” My answer is always this: There are many paths to a writing career and no one way will work for everyone. My own path was circuitous, built around regular jobs, a gradual transition to freelance …