Month: November 2015

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Imagination Killers


Having just finished NaNoWriMo and the survived the first round of holiday nuttiness, I thought I’d share something that I learned. (Relearned, actually, because I’ve kind of known this all along. The past month has just given me a brutal refresher course.) There are things out there that will actively suck your imagination clean out …

Creativity Boosting & Inspiration

NaNoWriMo Update #4


Week four and I can see the finish line. I’ve made a lot of progress this week and I’ve been able to come back from my deficit to pull at least even with where I need to be, if not a little ahead. Six full days to go, a long weekend ahead, and nothing to …

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When to Call Yourself a Writer


Many people feel self-conscious calling themselves a “writer.” When people ask, “What do you do?” many of us hem and haw and try to dance around the question. “Oh, well, I do [list off all other stuff that comes to mind] and I write a little, too [said in a tiny voice that no one …

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Library Haul and Reading List 11/20/15

Library Haul and Reading List 11/20/15

Shockingly, my hold queue at the library has dropped to single digits. There just isn’t much releasing in the near future that I’m interested in, I guess. That’s not a bad thing. I’ve got plenty of my own books to catch up on, not to mention some serious writing to do. Plus, the holidays are …