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Library Haul & Reading List 01/29/16

Library Haul & Reading List 01/29/16

I haven’t had much time to read this week. I’ve been spending most of my free time getting this website ready for “prime time.” I’ve added a newsletter, a shiny new homepage, and what I hope is a better presentation of my social media feeds. Also, if you haven’t had a chance to enter yet, …

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Broken Fate ARC Giveaway!

Hey, everybody! Starting today (January 27, 2016) through February 17, 2016 you can enter my GoodReads giveaway to win an advanced reader copy (ARC) of Broken Fate! If the widget below isn’t working for you, you can enter here. GoodReads will choose one winner on/around February 17 and my publisher, Clean Teen Publishing, will mail …

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Momentum (AKA, Keep Your Little Ball Rolling)


Momentum is one of those things that writers need but which is difficult to generate and keep going. If you remember your science classes from high school, you probably remember that once an object achieves forward momentum, that momentum will only stop if an outside force (such as friction, gravity, or another object) acts upon …

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Growing Pains and Newsletters


Growth is a good problem to have, but it results in changes. I just want to let everyone know that the subscribe to blog/newsletter is changing a bit. Previously, you only had the option to subscribe to the blog and be notified of new posts. However, I’m switching to an actual newsletter format. (Please feel …

Books, Reading, & Libraries, Creativity Boosting & Inspiration

Library Haul and Reading List 01/22/16

Library Haul and Reading List 01/22/16

Winter is here. After a December of spring-like days, we’re now paying for it with cold, gray days filled with rain and ice. Yippee. Time to hibernate with some toast and hot cocoa and read. The library is back open for a while, so I was able to lay in some cold weather reading. In …