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Library Haul and Reading List 01/08/16

Library Haul and Reading List 01/08/16

It’s a tiny list this week. With the holidays, the library had a lot of days off so not too many books are moving through the hold system. That’s fine. I’ve really got to crack down and get some work done. I’ve got a few pressing deadlines, plus I said that after the new year I’d repaint the kitchen nook and bathroom, both of which are looking pretty bad. That’s procrastination at its finest!

  • The Game of Lives, by James Dashner. This is the final book in the Mortality Doctrine series. While I haven’t enjoyed this quite as much as Dashner’s Maze Runner series, this has nonetheless been an enjoyable adventure through the worlds of cyber-space, virtual reality and online gaming. It will be interesting to see how it all ends.
  • Mggie Smith: A Biography, by Michael Coveney. I’ve already finished this one and, sadly, it was a disappointment. This isn’t an official biography and Maggie Smith is known for not giving many interviews or speaking about her personal life, so I figured it wouldn’t be that in depth. However, I expected more than what was basically a filmography stretched to a few hundred pages. There was nothing about the woman herself here, just a lot of movie synopses and theater history. Sorry, but it read like a cash grab designed to cash in on the ending of Downton Abbey.


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