Month: March 2016

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Become a Better Writer: Preserve and Improve Your Reading Skills


It’s no secret that reading and writing go hand in hand. Most successful writers are avid readers. We learn our craft by reading and dissecting the works of others. We take inspiration from them and we learn from their failures. But our reading skills may not be what they once were. New research shows that …

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Library Haul & Reading List 03/25/16


The list is very short this week and is in eBook format (thus no cool picture at the top of this post). It’s crazy around here and I haven’t even had a chance to get out to the library or read very much. I had to settle for borrowing an eBook and I’m not even …

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16 Things NOT to Include in a Query Letter


If you want to be published in a magazine or by a traditional book publisher, chances are that you’ll have to submit a query letter at some point. At its most basic, a query letter is simply a letter that details your project and your writing credentials to a prospective editor, agent, or publisher. Yet …

Books, Reading, & Libraries

Library Haul & Reading List 03/18/16

Library Haul & Reading List 03/18/16

This week is another short list, owing to the fact that I’m really making headway on Avenging Fate and another book that I’m working on. Pretty much I’m eating, writing, sleeping, and (less than I should) exercising. I think that once I’m past this crunch I’m going to shift my reading back to longer novels …