Month: September 2016

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Library Haul & Reading List 09/30/16

Library Haul & Reading List 09/30/16

There’s not too much news this week, at least not it applies to writing. As far as that goes, I’m still buried under book three of the Threads of the Moirae, plus three other books I work on when I have time. I did manage to acquire a new camera and am working on taking …

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Do You Choose to Be Blind?

Blind Sign

I’m always amazed when, in real life conversations or article comment trails concerning just about any success-related topic, someone inevitably says, “[Insert behavior that isn’t the norm] will never work for me. It simply cannot be done.” Either that or they quickly dismiss someone else’s success as the product of luck, incredible timing that can …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Positive Buzz

Buzz Bee

I recently participated in the weekly #boardgamehour chat on Twitter. One of the questions was, “What tips would you give to a publisher who wants to build buzz around their game?” This question fascinated me because there are many parallels between board game publishing and book publishing. The most obvious is that both industries rely …

Books, Reading, & Libraries

Library Haul & Reading List 09/23/16

Library Haul & Reading List 09/23/16

No major news this week. The only thing of note is that I’m now 98% certain that the Threads of the Moirae series is going to stretch to four books. I honestly thought it would be a trilogy, but there’s a lot more story there than I thought. Fortunately, Clean Teen Publishing has said that …

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You Can’t Buy Creativity In a Kit


I was wandering the toy aisle in Target the other day and I was dismayed at most of what I saw there. There were three main types of toys that stood out to me: Electronic everything, TV/movie tie-ins, and what I call “creativity in a kit.” The latter are things like Lego models, coloring “systems” …