Month: November 2016

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Stop Saying, “I Don’t Have Time”


My local gas station puts up motivational or religious thoughts on their marquee, right below the prices. This week’s offering said, “Dear God, please help me pay attention only to what is important.” While I usually read the messages and quickly forget them, this one stuck with me. This is a good reminder on so …

Books, Reading, & Libraries

Library Haul & Reading List – Thanksgiving Edition!

Well, there isn’t much to say this week except I hope you’re having a lovely Thanksgiving weekend if you’re in the U.S. (And if you’re not, I hope you’re having a lovely regular weekend!) There’s no major news or events, just a couple of books that came in before the libraries shut down for the …

Fun & Humor

Happy Thanksgiving!


For all of my friends in the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving! I could tell you not to eat too much, shop too much, get into a fight with the relatives, or OD on football and parades, but that would be nonsense. Whether you decide to overindulge in all sort of excess or just kick back and …

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The Joy of Coloring… Even as an Adult

Coloring crayons

I’ve been coloring ever since I was a kid. Note I said coloring, not drawing. I have very little talent at drawing something from scratch, but I’m very good at coloring in other people’s art. Even when I reached adulthood, I kept buying kid’s coloring books because there wasn’t anything else to buy. Now there’s …

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Blog on Hiatus… Sort of…


Before I get into the meat of this post, the big news this week is that Avenging Fate is now available in paperback. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a physical copy, now’s the time. (Note that I also have signed copies of both titles available for purchase through PayPal.) And if you …