Month: January 2017

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My Biggest Mistakes as a Writer


Like everyone, I make mistakes. Big ones, small ones, you name it. Recently, I was thinking about my biggest mistakes as a writer and I came up with two whoppers, both of which are actually ongoing screw-ups. Both have held me up and cost me opportunities in my writing career. I need to address both …

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Library Haul & Reading List 01/27/17

Library Haul & Reading List 01/27/17

I’ve been really remiss in posting my reading updates lately. Partly it’s because I haven’t had much time to read. Holidays, a book to finish, a little vacation time, and other obligations have really killed my reading time (and desire, sadly). But, now the worst is over and the winter selections are rolling into the …

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“I’m Bored.” Stop Whining and Find Something to Do.


I’m amazed by the number of my fellow adults that are bored. I hear it all the time. “I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do.” They whine this refrain like it’s someone else’s job to entertain them or, worse, like boredom is something to be proud of. They use it justify hours spent watching TV, …

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Now Donating My Book Profits to Animal Shelter

So, I’ve got some kinda big news… Until further notice, all of my profits from my book sales (that’s the money I receive after Clean Teen Publishing takes their cut) will be donated to the Wake County Animal Care, Control & Adoption Center.

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Getting Controversial: Good Idea or Not?

Controversial fight

Today I want to expand on something that I’ve touched on in prior posts and which is a hot-button issue given the current political climate: The issue of authors using their platforms to discuss controversial subjects. I’ve seen many authors posting political rants and opinions (on both sides) on their blogs and social media. It …