Month: July 2017

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An Idea Is Nothing


Last week, #IWSGPit happened on Twitter. It’s one of many pitch contests/parties where users post their pitches and hope that an agent or publisher requests more information about their work. (I got my publishing contract through a pitch party —#Pit2Pub—, so I can vouch for the fact that they work and can be worthwhile. Not to …

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Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/28/17 – Nerd Edition

Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/28/17 - Nerd Edition

The big news this week is that Hunted Fate is now officially available as an ebook for the reasonable price of $3.99! (The paperback is also available for pre-order.) If you haven’t started the series yet, remember that Broken Fate is free on the ebook platform of your choice. Broken Fate is also finally available as an …

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The Moment When You Realize You’re Unique

Uniqueness Birds

I suspect most people have had a moment like this: Something happens and, for whatever reason, you suddenly realize that you just aren’t like other people. For some, that moment comes in school when long-held friendships no longer make you happy, or when the bullies single you out for being different. For others the moment …

Writing Tips & Career Advice

What Tennis Teaches Me About Writing


I’m a tennis junkie. I play every chance I get (even if that’s solo against a backboard) and I spend way too much time watching on TV. Four times a year (okay, more than that) my productivity crashes because I’m watching the Grand Slams. It’s not all wasted time, though. Tennis teaches a lot of …

News, Updates & Happenings

Weekly News Update (Hunted Fate’s Release Party!) & Reading List 07/21/17

Weekly News Update & Reading List 07/21/17

Don’t forget that the release party for Hunted Fate is tonight, 7/21/17 at 7:00 on Facebook! I’ll be there, as will Amanda Strong, who’s celebrating Monsters Among Us, and ME Rhines, who’s celebrating the release of Sink. If you want to chat or have any questions, here’s your chance! There will also be plenty of prizes …