Month: September 2017

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Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/29/17 – Pretzel Buns Edition

Pretzel Buns

There isn’t much news this week, other than to say that Hunted Fate releases in paperback on 10/17 and I’m soon going to start running some giveaways and promotions. Stay tuned. In other news… Warning: Food rant incoming. Why have pretzel buns become so hard to find in stores? They used to be everywhere. Now …

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Good Things Happened When I Killed the TV


Over the years, I’ve gone through phases where I experiment with cutting the TV cord for a while. Each time, I notice several areas of my life improve. Inevitably, though, I become weak and TV slips back into my life like some recurrent addiction that I cannot shake. Recently, however, I’ve gone the longest ever …

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What to Do When You Want to Quit Writing

When you want to quit writing

You know it’s a bad writing day (week? month?) when you start fantasizing about going back to the real world and getting a job. You’d be paid actual money! Your colleagues might respect your work instead of hitting you with troll reviews on Amazon. There would be conversations with actual adults instead of days of …

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Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/22/17 – Pumpkin Fudge Edition

Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/22/17 - Pumpkin Fudge Edition

It’s officially the first day of fall (in the northern hemisphere, anyway)! My favorite time of the year. I love the way the light changes, growing brighter and softer at the same time, if such a thing is possible. Those clear blue sky days where the morning air is cool and crisp, but the afternoons …

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Are You an Artist or Businessperson? How About Both?

Artist or businessperson

I recently finished Write. Publish. Repeat., by Sean Platt. It’s a book about self-publishing and being an indie author. It basically asks the question, “Do you want to be an artist or businessperson?” The majority of the book focuses on the business end of things and assumes that “art” is for those who don’t care …