Month: October 2017

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Writing From Inside a Septic Tank

Septic Tank

It’s no secret that 2017 has sucked for a lot of people. I’m no exception. My creative output has been in the tank and everything just feels more difficult than it used to. Some of it is personal; a lot of people I loved died this year and there have been other challenges, as well. …

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Weekly News Update & Reading List 10/27/17: Nano Prep Edition

Weekly News Update & Reading List 10/27/17 - Nano Prep Edition

Aside from Hunted Fate’s release getting pushed back a couple of weeks, there’s not much major news this week. However, it’s time to prep for Nanowrimo! Having done this so many times, I’ve got this down to a science.

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How to Fail as a Writer. Guaranteed.

How to fail as a writer

People often ask me how to succeed as a writer. That’s actually a difficult question to answer because the road to “success” tends to be different for everyone. Plus, success is defined differently by different people. However, it is easier to answer this question: How do I fail as a writer? While it might seem …

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Not All Liberal Arts Degrees Are Useless

Liberal Arts Degrees

I have several friends and acquaintances whose kids are coming up on college. Several of them are taking the, “Let the kid study whatever she finds interesting and suits their talents,” while others are taking a much more militant, “You’re going into some STEM degree program because all liberal arts degrees are useless,” approach.

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Hunted Fate is Coming, Just Not Today

Hunted Fate Delay

There’s a bit of bummer news from my publisher today. Today was supposed to be the release date for the paperback edition of Hunted Fate. However, there was a mistake during the printing/distribution process which means the release has to be pushed back. Basically, the mistake means the books failed to make it to the …