Month: April 2018

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Avoiding a Book Hangover

Avoiding a Book Hangover

You’ve probably heard people talk about their “book hangovers.” A book hangover arises when the book you just finished reading was so amazing that nothing else can even come close. There’s a fear of starting a new book and not giving it a reasonable chance to shine on its own. Some people wander around in a …

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Egads! She Doesn’t Have a Favorite Author

Favorite Author

One question that readers love to ask authors is, “Who is your favorite author?” Or the similar but different, “Which author has influenced you the most?” These two questions always make me clam up because I don’t have an answer. At least not one that’s likely to be as true tomorrow as it is today. …

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There’s No Shame in a DNF


The best reading advice I ever received came from my seventh grade English teacher. He said, “If you’re not into a book by page fifty, put it aside and read something else. The chances are good that if the author hasn’t captured your attention by then, he never will.” My teacher was way ahead of …

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The Joys of a Book Sale/Fair

Book Sale

My library’s annual book sale is coming up and I’m in full excitement mode. The weekend of the sale is better than Christmas as far as I’m concerned. A chance to pick through thousands of books and take them home for cheap? There’s nothing better. The book sale also brings out my nostalgic side. This …

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Thank You, Zork


About a week ago I discovered that someone has put the original Zork computer game online. (It should be noted that my productivity has crashed mightily since this discovery.) I’ve also found many of the text adventure games made for the Commodore Vic-20 and 64 that I had as a kid. Holy cow, it’s a …