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Where Do Ideas Come From?


Many writers, myself included, are frequently asked where we get our ideas. “I’d write, but I just can’t come up with anything,” is a common refrain we hear from non-writers. Getting ideas isn’t as difficult or mystical as many make it out to be. It’s not a matter of being struck by lightning or having …

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Library Haul and Reading List 01/015/16


This week’s list is all in eBook format, so no swanky picture at the top of this post. My library is in and out of operation these days since they’re (finally) moving into temporary space so they can renovate the old space. My tax dollars are at work. Thank heavens they have eBooks to cover …

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Slaying the Green-Eyed Monster

Overcoming Jealousy

You’re great friends with all of the people in your writer’s group, or that aspiring writer you met at the bookstore has become your best friend. You get together weekly to trade feedback and gripe about the world of publishing. It’s great because you’re all chasing the same goal. And then one day it happens: …

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Library Haul and Reading List 01/08/16

Library Haul and Reading List 01/08/16

It’s a tiny list this week. With the holidays, the library had a lot of days off so not too many books are moving through the hold system. That’s fine. I’ve really got to crack down and get some work done. I’ve got a few pressing deadlines, plus I said that after the new year …

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50 Ways to Promote Your Writing


Whether your write books, articles, or keep a blog, if you want to make money you have to promote your work. Even if you are traditionally published, you’ll likely have to handle at least some of your own promotion. Publishers are cutting marketing departments/budgets and placing more responsibility on the authors themselves. (Unless you’re hugely …