Author: Jennifer Derrick

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Advice For Older Writers


Writing doesn’t suffer from quite the same age bias as other media occupations, but there is sometimes a tendency to favor younger writers over older writers. Why? Because younger writers are viewed as having a longer career ahead of them (which means more money for the publisher). Also, the sad truth is that younger writers …

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Go Beyond Online Research


It’s great that we live in an age where information is just a couple of mouse clicks away. Gone are the days when we had to slog through the stacks at the library for even the simplest research. Unfortunately, too many of us have become excessively reliant on the Internet for our research needs. It’s …


Library Haul and Reading List 4/24/15

Library Stack 4/24/15

This week’s list is pretty darn random.” Space exploration, romance, YA, computer how-to, and pirates are all represented. These sorts of lists are what make people wonder if there’s anything I won’t read. The answer is, “No. I’ll give almost anything a shot.”

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Avoiding The Dreaded “Mary Sue”


One of the hardest things about writing fiction is creating characters that are believable. Too many writers create characters that are just like themselves. While this seems like a way of “writing what you know,” too often it ends up creating a “Mary Sue” character. Mary Sue’s come across as poorly developed, shallow reflections of …