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Magic Happens Beyond the Instructions


One of the saddest things I’ve heard lately is that kids no longer know how to play with Lego. Today’s kids get the sets, build them according to the instructions, and then move on to the next thing. They don’t build their own things. They don’t take the parts and throw them into a big …

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How to Read the Classics

How to Read the Classics

Many of us have a bucket list of books we want to read (or that we feel we should read). Some of these are classics. The only trouble is, the classics don’t always come easily. They’re hard to read and understand. Archaic language, convoluted plots, and unfamiliar situations/time periods sometimes combine to make a classic …

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The Bibliography: The Original Linky Rabbit Hole


One of my biggest time management problems these days is the “linky rabbit hole.” This is when you go to a website for one quick thing and end up following links to many more things that sound interesting. Your one quick research question consumes two hours of useless surfing. (Although you likely did learn a …

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Idea Development: Lightning Bolt vs. Slow Burn

Idea Development

People always ask where authors get their ideas. (Short answer: Everywhere.) I find the better question to be, “How are ideas developed?” Every writer has their own way of bringing an idea into the world as a book, story, or article. The idea is easy to get. Doing something with it is more difficult. How …

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Embrace the Unexpected


I’ll admit that I am something of a control freak. I don’t get overjoyed when things don’t go according to plan. The unexpected, frankly, freaks me right out. I prefer the neat, orderly, predictable and boring aspects of life. I’m not much for adventure. Little did I know that signing up to be a writer …