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Library Haul and Reading List 8/13/15

Library Haul and Reading List 8/13/15

I know, I’ve been slacking on keeping up with my reading posts. In my defense, I’ve been busy signing a book deal and getting my feet under me with my new publisher. Reading time has been scarce. But now summer is beginning to wind down and the new fall books are starting to roll into …

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It’s Signing Day!

Signing Day!

Big things are happening in my world. After many months of querying agents and publishers, my YA fantasy novel “Broken Fate” is finally going to be published, thanks to the good folks at Clean Teen Publishing. This news is almost too exciting for words, but I thought I’d share with you how it all went …

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7 Things Novel Writing and Airplane Travel Have In Common


Travel can be both exciting and infuriating. It can be good for you (in terms of relaxation or cultural edification) or it can nearly kill you from stress and aggravation. Airline travel, in particular, seems to operate at these polar extremes. Between the joy of taking a trip and the pain of being treated like …

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9 Things to Know Before You Collaborate


At some point in your writing career you might be asked (or need) to collaborate with someone else on a project. You may co-author a novel together, you may need someone with scientific experience you don’t have when you write your non-fiction book, or you may need to hire an illustrator for your children’s book. …

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19 Reasons Not To Write

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I recently wrote a post offering 23 reasons why you should write. There are plenty of good reasons to take up writing, either as a hobby or a profession. Well, as with everything, there is a flip side. There are plenty of reasons to avoid writing. Too many people think that it’s an easy job, …