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The Three Rules For Writing A Novel


Well, I don’t have a reading list/library haul for this week. I’ve been battling deadlines and other life events this week and haven’t had a chance to do much reading. My “to be read” pile is toppling over and I’ve vowed to check nothing out of the library until at least Monday. Hopefully I can …

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Stop Putting Off the Good Stuff


Sometimes, I am a ridiculous human being. One of the things that I struggle with the most is putting the “good stuff” off until later. I behave like this with pretty much everything, from not using the good china to not watching the DVD of a movie I really want to see. It’s like I …

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16 Misconceptions About Writing From Home

Work from home

I meet many people who tell me that they want to chuck the corporate grind and become a work-at-home writer. Maybe they want to freelance for magazines, be a novelist, self-publish eBooks, or be a corporate writer who no longer has to go into the office. Before we get too far into the conversation, I …

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Library Haul and Reading List 6/5/15

Bashing Readers

Sorry to say, I don’t have an actual picture of my book list this week. Everything I’m currently reading is in eBook format and, as it’s a Friday in summer, frankly I’m too lazy to gather individual cover shots and Photoshop them into a nice collage. So for this week we’ll just have to make …

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I Broke A Novel!

Broken book

While my current novel is out on submission to agents and editors, I figured I’d dig my other novel out of the drawer and see about revising it again. This is a novel that I shopped around a few years ago. I received some positive responses and suggestions, but never managed to find a home …