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The First Library Haul and Reading List, 3/13/15

Library Stack 3/13/15

People are often curious about what and how often I read. The answers are, “Almost anything and all the time.” I can churn through about five books a week unless something extraordinary is going on. I’ve even been known to read cereal and cracker boxes during meals if nothing else is available. If you’ve ever …

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Practice is Required


My parents were cleaning out their house the other day and decided to get rid of the old piano. Seeing it go to my young cousin brought back memories of my attempts to learn to play. I didn’t take lessons, at first. I just banged away on the thing, sure that I was creating masterpieces. …

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Stumbling Into A Writing Career


When people find out that I’m a freelance writer, one of the first things they want to know is, “How did you get into that?” Sometimes it’s just passing curiosity. Other times they want to know because they aspire to quit working for “the man” and go out on their own and writing seems like …

Writing Tips & Career Advice

Find Your Own Path


I once had a writer friend whose entire writing routine was comprised of “rules” he’d learned from successful authors. He got up early to write because that’s what the successful authors did. He outlined on index cards because he’d read somewhere that certain successful authors did it that way. He used a certain kind of …