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Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/29/17 – Pretzel Buns Edition

Pretzel Buns

There isn’t much news this week, other than to say that Hunted Fate releases in paperback on 10/17 and I’m soon going to start running some giveaways and promotions. Stay tuned. In other news… Warning: Food rant incoming. Why have pretzel buns become so hard to find in stores? They used to be everywhere. Now …

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Good Things Happened When I Killed the TV


Over the years, I’ve gone through phases where I experiment with cutting the TV cord for a while. Each time, I notice several areas of my life improve. Inevitably, though, I become weak and TV slips back into my life like some recurrent addiction that I cannot shake. Recently, however, I’ve gone the longest ever …

Random Generalizations & Observations

Why We Grieve For People We Didn’t Know (And Why It’s Okay)


I hear you thinking… “Wait. Aren’t you a writer, not a psychologist? Why on earth would you write about this?” Two reasons: First, I’ve been trying to sort out my own insanity lately and, second, I think writers and other creatives may be more susceptible to this than others. I think there’s a need to …

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When Art Touches Your Soul


It’s entirely possible that I’m alone in what I’m about to write. But, knowing my share of artists, writers, actors, and other creative types, I have a strong feeling that I’m not alone. And if I am alone, then I apologize for saddling you with my personal brand of insanity. So what’s on today’s menu …

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Weekly News Update 08/11/17 – Cooking Therapy Edition


This isn’t the usual reading and news update. First, because I’ve been doing very little reading this week. I’ve started a new novel, one that’s not part of my Fate series. It’s not even one that I’ve had on the back burner for a few months. It’s one that came to me with a boom, …