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What I Plan to Do Over Summer “Vacation”

Summer vacation

I was such a weird kid. In cleaning out some old papers found at my parents house, I discovered my old summer schedules. Yes, the one time of year when I had time to do as I pleased, I scheduled it. Like I said. Weird. Anyway, what amuses me now is how I thought I …

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How Did I Forget to Have Fun?

Fun Stuffed Bear

I recently spent some time cleaning out my parent’s attic and sorting through the remains of my childhood toys. Lego, action figures, dolls, Weebles, Fisher-Price Little People, Hot Wheels, and stuffed animals dominated, although there were also plenty of games and puzzles. Even some of my bath toys survived! When I looked through the piles, …


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day

Just a quick note to all of my readers: Happy Valentine’s Day! Go out, have fun, and enjoy the day. And remember: You don’t have to be partnered up to have fun on Valentine’s Day. Go out with friends, visit family, spend time with your pet, or spend time giving yourself a little self-care and …

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Don’t Mock The Bread and Milk

Bread and Milk

Winter has come to the sunny south and with it the first snow/ice storm of the season. Yep, it’s time to crash the grocery store and stock up on staples, including bread and milk. As a lifetime resident of the south, I’m well aware of the mocking that ensues from northern transplants when they witness …