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Crab Mentality and Writers

Crab Mentality

Long ago, when I studied psychology in school, we learned about behavior¬†called “Crab Mentality.” The gist is this: A bunch of crabs are in a bucket, trap, or stew pot. They could easily escape by working together (and every now and then one manages it, even without help). They’re pretty smart and agile and have …

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Getting Controversial: Good Idea or Not?

Controversial fight

Today I want to expand on something that I’ve touched on in prior posts and which is a hot-button issue given the current political climate: The issue of authors using their platforms to discuss controversial subjects. I’ve seen many authors posting political rants and opinions (on both sides) on their blogs and social media. It …

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What To Do When You Are Utterly Sick of Yourself

Sick of yourself

Last week, I posted about how this year I was going to get back to basics and write more, market/promote less. Part of that resolution stems from frustration at having so little time to write anymore (and how pointless constant marketing seems in the grand scheme of things), and some of it stems from a …

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The Writing Calendar

I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person. Partly that’s just because I don’t enjoy not knowing how I’m spending my time, but it’s also because if I don’t stay organized, I can’t remember anything I am supposed to do. Long before I sold my first novel and started …

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Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Positive Buzz

Buzz Bee

I recently participated in the weekly #boardgamehour chat on Twitter. One of the questions was, “What tips would you give to a publisher who wants to build buzz around their game?” This question fascinated me because there are many parallels between board game publishing and book publishing. The most obvious is that both industries rely …