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When Art Touches Your Soul


It’s entirely possible that I’m alone in what I’m about to write. But, knowing my share of artists, writers, actors, and other creative types, I have a strong feeling that I’m not alone. And if I am alone, then I apologize for saddling you with my personal brand of insanity. So what’s on today’s menu …

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Weekly News Update 08/11/17 – Cooking Therapy Edition


This isn’t the usual reading and news update. First, because I’ve been doing very little reading this week. I’ve started a new novel, one that’s not part of my Fate series. It’s not even one that I’ve had on the back burner for a few months. It’s one that came to me with a boom, …

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Back to School: “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Years ago, there was a hilarious Staples ad for back to school shopping. Set to the Christmas carol, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” it featured a dad frolicking joyfully through the aisles as the kids looked on in misery. That commercial still tickles me to this day. Since I don’t have kids, you …

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The Moment When You Realize You’re Unique

Uniqueness Birds

I suspect most people have had a moment like this: Something happens and, for whatever reason, you suddenly realize that you just aren’t like other people. For some, that moment comes in school when long-held friendships no longer make you happy, or when the bullies single you out for being different. For others the moment …

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Age and Falling Out of Love With Reading

Age & reading

I’ve written lately about having trouble recapturing my reading groove. Owing to a variety of factors, reading just doesn’t have the same pull it once did. I’m desperately hoping that the love will return, but in the meantime a conversation with a friend (who’s an avid reader and a bit of a wise philosopher) shed …