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Time: The Thing You Need Most to Succeed (But Which No One Gives You)


Here’s a dirty little secret about publishing, whether you choose traditional, indie, or self-publishing: You need time in order to become successful. There, I said it. No matter how much people want to believe in the “overnight” success model, the truth is that you’re more likely to be hit by lightning. Even the books we …

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Writing, Publishing, and Anxiety


It’s no great secret that I’ve lived with depression and anxiety pretty much since I hit adolescence. I’ve spent an awful lot of time and money looking for the “fix,” but of course there really isn’t one. Especially not for someone who is so sensitive to drugs that almost anything that might help is more …

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Shut Up and Do as You’re Told. Or Not.

Do as you're told.

When we’re kids, the lesson that gets drilled into us more than any other is this: Do as you’re told. It’s right behind don’t talk to strangers and look both ways when crossing the street. And the more general, “Don’t be a moron.” We grow up trained in obedience. In school we have to obey …

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Don’t Be an Aspiring Writer

Aspiring Writer

Few things aggravate me more than the phrase, “aspiring writer.” I don’t like it when someone else refers to a writer in that way, but I get really riled up when a writer refers to herself that way. To me it’s pretty simple: Are you writing on a regular basis? Then you’re a writer. But …

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What Type of Writing Career Do You Want?

Writing Career

Many times we writers have a hard time seeing beyond the current piece or job we’re working on. Partly this is because the work can sometimes be all consuming. It’s difficult to remove yourself from one thing to to think about the next. And there’s that pesky thing called “life” that sometimes keeps you from …