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You Can’t Make a Mistake


If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a writer, it’s that there is very little tolerance for mistakes in this profession. Granted, a writer’s mistake won’t kill anyone (unlike, say, a mistake made by a surgeon), but when people are paying you for your work, they expect perfection. That creates a lot of pressure, but …

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51 Ways to Make Money as a Writer

Piggy bank

When people think of someone as being a writer, they often think in terms of books. Fiction, non-fiction, memoir, and scholarly books all come to mind as “writerly” pursuits. And certainly books are a noble goal and worth writing if that’s what you want to do. However, there are many more ways to make money …

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Publication Changes Nothing


It’s funny how, once I got my book contract, all of my friends and fellow writers suddenly seemed to think that I had it made. I’d achieved the Holy Grail of writing and now everything in my life must be perfect. It was as if I’d been kissed by some god and was now in …

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When Writing Gets Uncomfortable


Many years ago, when I was just starting out as a freelancer, I was asked to write a piece about a subject that made me very uncomfortable. Furthermore, I didn’t agree with the angle of the piece and I felt like the client was intentionally trying to be inflammatory. I wanted to say no, that …

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Momentum (AKA, Keep Your Little Ball Rolling)


Momentum is one of those things that writers need but which is difficult to generate and keep going. If you remember your science classes from high school, you probably remember that once an object achieves forward momentum, that momentum will only stop if an outside force (such as friction, gravity, or another object) acts upon …