Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What’s this all about?

This page is intended to let you know what personal information I collect about you, why I collect it, what I will do with it, and how you can choose how I use it.

Privacy is very important to me, and so I take your privacy seriously too. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have any of your information at all. But sometimes I need to use your information, and this sets out exactly what information I’ll ask you for and how I’ll use it.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with the way I’m using your information, please tell me. I never want you to feel uncomfortable.


When leaving a comment on this website, you will be asked for your

  • name, which will be used to identify you within the discussion
  • email address, which helps prevent spam as well as allowing you to use services like Gravatar to show a photo next to the comment (it is never displayed publicly)
  • website URL (optional)

This information will be used by the spam filter I have installed, Askimet, to help prevent my site from being flooded by spam. It will also be stored within my site’s database in order to keep your comment on display. I will never share the information you provide when posting a comment, nor will I use it to contact you. You have the right to request that I remove this information from my database and delete the comment; if you would like to make such a request, please contact me.

Contact form

If you choose to contact me via my contact form, I will receive your

  • email address (so I can reply to you)
  • name (so I know what to call you)
  • website URL (optional)
  • and any information you provide in the comment field.

This information is only stored on my site long enough for me to address your question/concern. It will not be displayed publicly unless I receive your permission, first. Any information you provide will only be used by me to address your question or request and then deleted.

You will not be added to any mailings and your information will not be shared.

Subscribe to blog

My blog offers an option to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts via email. If you exercise this option, I will receive your email address and it will be stored by the JetPack plug-in that I use to administer the subscription.

When you sign up, you will receive an email to confirm your consent to receive email notifications. You can change your preferences at any time by updating your profile; you’ll find a link to your profile at the bottom of every email sent to you, or you can contact me directly. I will never use your email to contact you directly, you will not be added to any other mailings, and I will not sell or give it to any other party.


Some of the plugins used on this site to improve the user experience do collect cookies. These include but are not limited to: comment and anti-spam plugins, as well as plugins which serve links to my social media. also uses cookies on this site. If you use a profile at another site to log in and comment on this site, cookies may also be used to prevent you from having to log in again. None of the cookies contain personally identifiable information. As they are not created, administered, or stored by me, I have no control over the information collected.

Ordering books

If you choose to order signed copies of books through my site, the payment transaction will be handled by PayPal and their privacy policies govern the use of your information on their site. All I receive from PayPal is enough information to send you the books/complete the transaction:

  • your mailing address
  • email address
  • and which/how many books you are ordering.

I do not receive your payment information. All information that I receive is discarded after the transaction is completed.

I will only contact you if there is a problem fulfilling your order. Purchasing books through my site will not sign you up for any other communications from me.


This website contains links to other sites. Please be aware that I am not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. I encourage my users to be aware when they leave this site and to read the privacy statements of any other site that collects personally identifiable information.

The principles behind using your information

  • I will only use your information with your explicit consent.
  • You can provide or withdraw your consent at any time.
  • Your privacy is important to me, and it will always be the most important consideration when I use your information.
  • The only times I will use your information without your consent is if I have a legal or contractual obligation to do so.

Finally, if you have any questions, or if you ever feel uncomfortable with the way I’m using your information, please tell me.

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