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The Thrill of Quirky Analog Places

Analog places

A record store just opened in my town! It goes nicely with the indie bookstore that opened last year and the board game shop where I spend too much time and money. No, the year is not 1980 and we’re not going back in time. Analog is making a comeback and with it comes the …

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The Joy of an Analog Day

Analog nature

Once a week I make it a point to turn off everything digital and live in the real world. That means no cell phone, no laptop. No social media, no TV. No tablets, no texting. I can hear a lot of you screaming at the mere thought of such a day. What would you do? …

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The Joy of Coloring… Even as an Adult

Coloring crayons

I’ve been coloring ever since I was a kid. Note I said coloring, not drawing. I have very little talent at drawing something from scratch, but I’m very good at coloring in other people’s art. Even when I reached adulthood, I kept buying kid’s coloring books because there wasn’t anything else to buy. Now there’s …

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The Joys of Paper and Pencil

Paper Notebooks

Not long ago I was commenting to my writing group about how happy I was to have scored some serious deals on notebooks during the back-to-school sales. I like five subject notebooks with pocket dividers between each subject. I use them for everything from journaling, to taking notes for my books, to drafting entire chapters …