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The Moment When You Realize You’re Unique

Uniqueness Birds

I suspect most people have had a moment like this: Something happens and, for whatever reason, you suddenly realize that you just aren’t like other people. For some, that moment comes in school when long-held friendships no longer make you happy, or when the bullies single you out for being different. For others the moment …

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10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Bullying When I Was In School

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Bullying is a cause that’s dear to my heart. As the victim of a whole lot of it in school (and even in the working world), it’s something that I like to speak out on in the hope that I can ease someone else’s suffering, or help eliminate/reduce the problem. Like many kids, I was …

Random Generalizations & Observations

All That Negativity? It’s Jealousy. (Just Like Your Mother Told You)


Like a lot of people, I’ve been subjected to a lot of negativity over the years because I don’t fit neatly or conveniently into the mainstream mold. In school, I was a geek/dork/nerd/whatever name you give to kids who are in school to learn, not to be part of the popular crowd. I was smart, …

Hobbies, Board Games & Lego, Random Generalizations & Observations

High School Shouldn’t Last Forever. Thank Goodness It Doesn’t Have To

High school lockers

Like many people, I hated high school. It was definitely not the high point of my life. I was unpopular, awkward, and interested in all the wrong things. Like most kids, I tried to fit in but eventually realized it was pointless. With my interests in sci-fi, board games, science, writing, and reading, there was …