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Finance Creative Writing with Writing

Finance Creative Writing

Let’s face it: For all but a select few, novel writing (or any form of creative writing like poetry, short stories, etc.) is not a lucrative career. Or even a reasonable income at all. It can be, but it often isn’t. And even if you do end up making money from fiction, it’s often only …

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Bet You Didn’t Know That Your Toys Chose Your Career


I’ve been busy cleaning out my parent’s attic over the last few weeks. What I’ve discovered up there is nothing short of a trip down amnesia lane. Many of my old toys are up there, including a lot of action figures, dollhouses, and Fisher-Price play sets. As I take each one down and look it …

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Do You Choose to Be Blind?

Blind Sign

I’m always amazed when, in real life conversations or article comment trails concerning just about any success-related topic, someone inevitably says, “[Insert behavior that isn’t the norm] will never work for me. It simply cannot be done.” Either that or they quickly dismiss someone else’s success as the product of luck, incredible timing that can …

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“So, What Do You Do?”

Career Frog

I used to cringe whenever someone asked me, “So, what do you do?” at a party or conference. I never had a good answer because the true answer was and is, “Whatever I feel like at the moment,” which isn’t exactly socially acceptable. While I’m primarily a writer, that’s not all I do and, until …

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Every Writing Career Moves at Its Own Pace


Whether you’re a freelance writer, novelist, or poet, it’s a universal truth that no two writing careers move at the same pace. Every writer’s career trajectory is as unique as the writer themselves. Some go up, some do down, some go sideways. Some move fast, some move slow, and some move at variable speeds like …