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How to Write to Change the World

Change the world

Last week I wrote about ways writers can change the world. That piece was full of ideas for the types of writing/teaching you can do if you want to effect change. Today I want to look at exactly how you should write if you want to instigate change. What techniques are valuable? What do readers …

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Changes Are Coming to the Blog!


It’s been just over a year since I signed the contract for Broken Fate and a lot of things have happened since then. Unfortunately, progress often brings growing pains, so you’re soon going to notice some changes to this blog. I think they’ll be for the better, though, allowing you to get to know me …

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Publication Changes Nothing


It’s funny how, once I got my book contract, all of my friends and fellow writers suddenly seemed to think that I had it made. I’d achieved the Holy Grail of writing and now everything in my life must be perfect. It was as if I’d been kissed by some god and was now in …