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Good Things Happened When I Killed the TV


Over the years, I’ve gone through phases where I experiment with cutting the TV cord for a while. Each time, I notice several areas of my life improve. Inevitably, though, I become weak and TV slips back into my life like some recurrent addiction that I cannot shake. Recently, however, I’ve gone the longest ever …

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Writing is a Craft, Publishing is a Circus

Circus Tent

I wish I could remember where I read this quote but, alas, it is lost to me. Even a Google search couldn’t help me. Just know that I didn’t say, “Writing is a craft, publishing is a circus,” and I apologize to whomever did say it that I cannot credit you. Anyway, while I might …

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Remember: The Internet is Forever


“Anything you put on the internet you lose control over,” says author Evan Carroll, author of the book Your Digital Afterlife. I came across this quote while reading the story of a reporter who posted a cute, innocent video of her daughter on Facebook only to have it go viral and become a nightmare. People …

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The Importance of Controlling Your Own Web Real Estate


Social media can be a useful tool in your online toolbox. It’s a great way to get messages out quickly and with minimal fuss.  However, I see many writers relying on social media as their sole online presence. There are many reasons why this is a huge mistake, but they all boil down to the …