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What Type of Writing Career Do You Want?

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Many times we writers have a hard time seeing beyond the current piece or job we’re working on. Partly this is because the work can sometimes be all consuming. It’s difficult to remove yourself from one thing to to think about the next. And there’s that pesky thing called “life” that sometimes keeps you from …

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High School Shouldn’t Last Forever. Thank Goodness It Doesn’t Have To

High school lockers

Like many people, I hated high school. It was definitely not the high point of my life. I was unpopular, awkward, and interested in all the wrong things. Like most kids, I tried to fit in but eventually realized it was pointless. With my interests in sci-fi, board games, science, writing, and reading, there was …

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Library Haul and Reading List 12/11/15

Library Haul and Reading List 12/11/15

This is a short week for me. Our library is having their annual book sale on Friday so that is where I will be spending the whole day. The whole day! The thing is huge and it’s an annual event for me to spend the day wandering the tables, looking for the few things on …