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What Olympians and Writers Have in Common

Olympians and writers

I’ve written before about why I am an avid Olympics watcher. Basically it’s because I’m enthralled by the stories of the athletes and the Games themselves. As a writer, I appreciate the trials and tribulations, plot twists, and history that go hand in hand with the Games. It all combines to make a magnificent story …

Threads of the Moirae Series

How Morpheus Turned a Three Book Series Into Four

Morpheus Dream

For the release of Hunted Fate, I was asked to write some blog posts for bloggers to use during the release tour. (So you may have seen these somewhere already.) However, I thought it would be useful to put them on my own blog, as well, so readers could see some of the inspirations behind the …

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What Basketball and Publishing Have In Common

Basketball hoop

As I was watching all the conference basketball tournaments this week (and getting no work done because… Basketball!!), I was suddenly struck by a similarity between college basketball and publishing. This revelation occurred when I was watching some of the smaller conference tournaments. You know, the conferences that only get one bid to the NCAA …