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Overwhelmed? Start With One Thing.


Before I hit my groove as a freelancer and novelist, I wasted a lot of years cowering under the table, completely overwhelmed by the idea of working for myself. I was scared of marketing and accounting, hampered by the fact that I knew nothing about either. Lengthy novels seemed like a marathon I’d never finish. …

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Should You Take a Writing Class?

Writing teacher 2

People often ask me if they should take a writing class or workshop. Do I think it will be valuable for them? The answer is a nebulous, “It depends.” It depends on what you hope to accomplish, where you are in your career, and what types of courses are available to you. Over the years …

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The Freedom of Knowing Nothing About Anything

Knowing Cactus

Okay, let’s get it out of the way before the sarcasm begins: Obviously the title of this article isn’t literally true. I do know a few things about many things. I couldn’t function in the world if I didn’t. And neither could you. We all have knowledge. What we generally don’t have is enough of …

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Ways Writers Can Change the World

Change the World

A couple of weeks, ago, I wrote about avoiding controversy on your social media because of the damage you can do to your writer’s brand and platform. While it’s generally a good idea to stay out of the controversy du jour, that doesn’t mean that you can never try to change the world and effect …

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Why Reading Is The Worst Hobby Ever (#Sarcasm)


Reading is a terrible hobby. People are always telling me that I should read less, that it can’t be good for me to spend so much time with my nose in a book. Maybe they’re right. I mean, when you think about it, reading has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. In fact, it might be downright …