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Why We Grieve For People We Didn’t Know (And Why It’s Okay)


I hear you thinking… “Wait. Aren’t you a writer, not a psychologist? Why on earth would you write about this?” Two reasons: First, I’ve been trying to sort out my own insanity lately and, second, I think writers and other creatives may be more susceptible to this than others. I think there’s a need to …

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Writing as a Way of Dealing With Life’s $#%!

Dealing with poop

Like everyone, I have my share of crap to deal with. Some of it’s easy but annoying everyday stuff (I’m looking at you, car who abandoned me on the side of the road), while some of it is the tough stuff like grief, anger, depression, and anxiety. We all have junk that happens in our …

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Living With Boredom

Boredom Cat

A few months ago, I wrote a post about being tired of hearing people complain about boredom. Despite having every kind of entertainment available, boredom seems to be an epidemic. My post offered suggestions for things to do instead of complaining about being bored. But I think I need to add one more idea: Live with it.