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Crab Mentality and Writers

Crab Mentality

Long ago, when I studied psychology in school, we learned about behavior called “Crab Mentality.” The gist is this: A bunch of crabs are in a bucket, trap, or stew pot. They could easily escape by working together (and every now and then one manages it, even without help). They’re pretty smart and agile and have …

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Slaying the Green-Eyed Monster

Overcoming Jealousy

You’re great friends with all of the people in your writer’s group, or that aspiring writer you met at the bookstore has become your best friend. You get together weekly to trade feedback and gripe about the world of publishing. It’s great because you’re all chasing the same goal. And then one day it happens: …

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6 Lies I Tell Myself During the Submission Process


Now that I’ve got another novel out on submission to agents and editors, I’m back to chuckling at the lies I keep telling myself. I find it funny because I don’t tell myself these lies at any other time, or for any other reason. Every couple of years, though, like some deranged migratory bird, I …