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Capturing Sneaky Ideas


Ideas are funny beasts. It always seems like they’re all around you until you really need one. The more they’re needed, the more likely they are to hide. Ideas are also sneaky little creatures. They seem to get a thrill out of hitting you when you’re least expecting them, or when you are unprepared to …

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Recess Isn’t Just for Kids


Adults typically think of recess as something only kids do. Only kids go out in the middle of the day and run around to blow off some steam. (Unfortunately, even this isn’t true anymore as many schools have cut recess in order to focus more on mandatory testing. But that’s a rant for another day.) …

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Care and Feeding of the Writer’s Body

Healthy Writer

The most important piece of equipment for a writer is their body (and that includes the mind). Think about it: Without a well-functioning body and mind, writing is impossible or at least very difficult. If you are sick all the time, laid up with repetitive stress injuries, or having other health issues, you don’t get …

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31 Ways to Boost Your Creativity


Writers in all genres and fields rely on their creativity. Whether it’s creating a fantasy world, coming up with new and interesting blog topics week after week, or finding a way to make technical manuals more interesting/useful, being creative is the difference between crafting something that’s humdrum and creating something that makes a mark and …