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When Quitting Equals Winning

Quitting the Game

People like to refer to life as a game or competition. The winners are the ones who accumulate the most or best things, achieve the most success, or attain the most power. That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway, which means that most of us are playing a game we’ll never win. We’ll never have a lot …

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Bet You Didn’t Know That Your Toys Chose Your Career


I’ve been busy cleaning out my parent’s attic over the last few weeks. What I’ve discovered up there is nothing short of a trip down amnesia lane. Many of my old toys are up there, including a lot of action figures, dollhouses, and Fisher-Price play sets. As I take each one down and look it …

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Breaking The Completionist Cycle

Completionist Dead End

I admit it: I’m a completionist. I am compelled to finish a book series, watch a TV series to the end, collect all the expansions for a board game, or buy/see every movie in a franchise. Anything I start, I have to finish. I am the person that the phrase “Collect ’em all!” was coined …

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31 Ways to Boost Your Creativity


Writers in all genres and fields rely on their creativity. Whether it’s creating a fantasy world, coming up with new and interesting blog topics week after week, or finding a way to make technical manuals more interesting/useful, being creative is the difference between crafting something that’s humdrum and creating something that makes a mark and …