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Weekly News Update & Reading List 09/29/17 – Pretzel Buns Edition

Pretzel Buns

There isn’t much news this week, other than to say that Hunted Fate releases in paperback on 10/17 and I’m soon going to start running some giveaways and promotions. Stay tuned. In other news… Warning: Food rant incoming. Why have pretzel buns become so hard to find in stores? They used to be everywhere. Now …

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Building a Board Game Library on a Budget

Board Game Collection

It’s a joke around our house that board gaming started out as our “frugal” hobby. We figured it was cheaper than having cable TV or buying video games. We weren’t into the hobby more than a few months before we looked at each other and said, “Frugal? Ha! We’ve spent a freaking mortgage payment on …