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Returning to Writing After an Extended Break

Writing After an Extended Break

Sometimes, for any number of reasons, we step away from writing. Sometimes it’s because we make a conscious choice to try something else. Other times we’re forced away from writing due to health, family, work, or financial issues. Whatever the reason, you’ve taken an extended break and now you want to get back at it. …

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Stop Saying, “I Don’t Have Time”


My local gas station puts up motivational or religious thoughts on their marquee, right below the prices. This week’s offering said, “Dear God, please help me pay attention only to what is important.” While I usually read the messages and quickly forget them, this one stuck with me. This is a good reminder on so …

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NaNoWriMo: 14 Years Later, Why Do I Still Do This To Myself?

NaNoWriMo Coffee Shop

I just checked my computer and discovered that I first participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) way back in 2002. It doesn’t feel like fourteen years have gone by, but obviously time flies when you’re having fun. When I mentioned this to a friend and told him I was doing NaNo yet again, his …

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Every Writing Career Moves at Its Own Pace


Whether you’re a freelance writer, novelist, or poet, it’s a universal truth that no two writing careers move at the same pace. Every writer’s career trajectory is as unique as the writer themselves. Some go up, some do down, some go sideways. Some move fast, some move slow, and some move at variable speeds like …

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Solve the Problem, Beat the Block


I once wrote an article on why writer’s block is a myth. Several readers took me to the woodshed on that one, vehemently defending the existence of this “disease.” For the record, I still think writer’s block is a myth that many writers use to put off or avoid writing. (I’m stubborn that way. Go …