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Embrace the Unexpected


I’ll admit that I am something of a control freak. I don’t get overjoyed when things don’t go according to plan. The unexpected, frankly, freaks me right out. I prefer the neat, orderly, predictable and boring aspects of life. I’m not much for adventure. Little did I know that signing up to be a writer …

Random Generalizations & Observations

Define Success Your Way (and Proudly Live That Definition)


With graduation season upon us, I was recently asked for some advice for recent grads. What would I like to tell them about life, success, or relationships? I found this hysterical because, most days, I don’t feel like the best example of “what to do with your life.” I mean, I work in my PJ’s …

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Rediscovering the Joy of Writing


Part of the reason why I took on the recent enormous house painting job from hell was because I’d lost the joy of writing. Between my freelance writing day job and my novel writing, I was stressed and the joy was gone. Even more disheartening, I knew it shouldn’t be the case. I was living …

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Why Characters in Books, Movies and TV Shows Don’t Watch TV


[Disclaimer: I know that the characters in books and on TV are fictitious. In this piece I’m not implying that these people are “real” in any way. I’m merely using them as an example to make a point. So no, I’m not nuts enough to really believe that these people live real lives inside the …

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2017 Writing Resolution: Get Back to Basics

Basic resolution

In year’s past, I’ve done a general New Year’s resolution post. These are things and ideas that anyone can use to boost their writing career, or simply get more enjoyment/productivity out of their writing. If that’s what you’re looking for, visit that link because this post isn’t like that.  This year, I wanted to write …