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The Joys of Living in Your Own Head

Individual Head

I frequently come across articles about “getting out of your head.” They claim that living in your head is limiting and even destructive. The writers want to cure you of this problem because, clearly, it’s ruining your life. I agree with some of these articles to a point. If you’re living in your head to …

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Social Media for Introverted Writers


I am a card-carrying introvert. Always have been. Until recently, this hasn’t been a problem. I’ve surrounded myself with a small group of friends, avoided parties, and managed to get to the point where I can work from home as a freelance writer, thus avoiding the extroverts around the corporate water cooler. In other words, …

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10 Things Writers Can Get Away With That Ordinary Humans Cannot


Writing is the best job! Sure, a lot of us aren’t making big money, but we do get a lot of perks that regular people just don’t get. Many of us get to work from home and avoid most of the corporate grind. If you write fiction, you get to spend all day living inside …