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Why I Love a Good Reading Journal

Reading Journal

If you’ve read any of my posts over the years, you know that I’m a huge fan of paper and pencil. My writing calendar, notes, and journals are all done longhand. I’m the person who haunts the back-to-school sales and scoops up notebooks like they may never make any more. There’s just something calming about writing …

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Journaling with Coloring Books

Journaling Color 1

I’ve written before about my enjoyment of coloring. Long before adult coloring books became a thing, I was buying kid’s coloring books and some crayons and having fun. Now that adult coloring books are available, I’ve got a lot more to choose from! I discovered the therapeutic benefits of coloring back in the ’90’s when …

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I Knew It All Along! (Not.)

High School

The other day I heard that my high school class is having its *cough* something-something-year *cough* reunion. I refuse to go simply because much of high school was one long blur of misery and bullying. There are very few people from that time in my life that I ever want to see again. There were …

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The Joys of Paper and Pencil

Paper Notebooks

Not long ago I was commenting to my writing group about how happy I was to have scored some serious deals on notebooks during the back-to-school sales. I like five subject notebooks with pocket dividers between each subject. I use them for everything from journaling, to taking notes for my books, to drafting entire chapters …

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Experimenting With The Bullet Journal


I’ve kept journals ever since I can remember. Some have been pure diaries, some have been travelogues, and others have been more task/time management oriented. I’ve used everything from spiral notebooks to the really nice Moleskine books and I’ve tried (and rejected) quite a few apps and programs. (There’s just something about using a pen …