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The Bibliography: The Original Linky Rabbit Hole


One of my biggest time management problems these days is the “linky rabbit hole.” This is when you go to a website for one quick thing and end up following links to many more things that sound interesting. Your one quick research question consumes two hours of useless surfing. (Although you likely did learn a …

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How to Encourage Kids to Read

Encourage Kids to Read

It’s that time again: I’m seeing lots of questions about how parents can encourage kids to read. Either they’re facing the looming summer and wondering how to avoid the trap of endless video games and TV, or the report cards have come in and they’re wondering how to prepare a child for the next academic …

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How Writing Changes Your Reading

writing changes your reading

One of the things no one tells you about becoming a writer is this: Writing changes your reading. It changes the way you read, how much you read, and your enjoyment of what you read. For someone like me, who has always loved to read, some of the changes have been shocking. And a little …

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Re-reading Books: The Good & Bad


I’m going through a phase of re-reading a few of my favorite books/series. This seems to happen about every other year. Nothing on the new shelves at the library looks appealing, so I go back to my old loves. Either that or I just need the comfort of an old friend; something to keep me …

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Authors Are Giving Up: Why, How to Keep Going, How to Help

Authors are giving up

More and more authors are giving up and it’s a tough thing to watch. Lately it seems like every time I open my social media feed or visit the blogs of my author friends I see another post that goes something like this: “Dear friends, this post is incredibly difficult to write, but the time …