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More Focus + Fewer Projects = Increased Productivity


I am the poster child for having the focus of a squirrel caught in traffic. At one point, I had no less than six novels going, plus a bunch of half-baked short stories and several freelancing projects. Oh, and I thought it would be a good idea to learn nine languages on DuoLingo. And I’m …

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Writing as a Way of Dealing With Life’s $#%!

Dealing with poop

Like everyone, I have my share of crap to deal with. Some of it’s easy but annoying everyday stuff (I’m looking at you, car who abandoned me on the side of the road), while some of it is the tough stuff like grief, anger, depression, and anxiety. We all have junk that happens in our …

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The Joy of Coloring… Even as an Adult

Coloring crayons

I’ve been coloring ever since I was a kid. Note I said coloring, not drawing. I have very little talent at drawing something from scratch, but I’m very good at coloring in other people’s art. Even when I reached adulthood, I kept buying kid’s coloring books because there wasn’t anything else to buy. Now there’s …

Random Generalizations & Observations

Don’t Know + Don’t Care = Freedom


My yoga instructor once said something interesting. “Don’t worry about what you don’t know, because knowledge isn’t perfect. The knowledge we have today will be obsolete or changed in a few years, so there’s no sense getting attached to one way of thinking, or one set of facts.” He also said that, to take this …

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31 Ways to Boost Your Creativity


Writers in all genres and fields rely on their creativity. Whether it’s creating a fantasy world, coming up with new and interesting blog topics week after week, or finding a way to make technical manuals more interesting/useful, being creative is the difference between crafting something that’s humdrum and creating something that makes a mark and …