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Back to School: “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Years ago, there was a hilarious Staples ad for back to school shopping. Set to the Christmas carol, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” it featured a dad frolicking joyfully through the aisles as the kids looked on in misery. That commercial still tickles me to this day. Since I don’t have kids, you …

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The Value of Partnerships in Freelancing


“No man is an island,” or so the saying goes. However, it often feels like that for freelancers. You’re all alone in the big bad world with no one to talk to and no one to help you. There’s a solution out there, though, and it can not only help you feel less alone, it …

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Give Yourself a Better Job Description Than “Freelance Writer”

Job description

Many of us who work on a per-project basis refer to ourselves as “freelance writers.” That’s what we are, after all. We’re hired guns, the people you come to when you don’t have someone on staff to write the magic words. Freelance writer is a fine title for use in the writing community. Your fellow …

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Should You Take a Writing Class?

Writing teacher 2

People often ask me if they should take a writing class or workshop. Do I think it will be valuable for them? The answer is a nebulous, “It depends.” It depends on what you hope to accomplish, where you are in your career, and what types of courses are available to you. Over the years …

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What to Do Instead of Writing for Content Mills

Paper and Pen

In response to my piece on shunning the content mills, someone asked this question: “Well, what do I do to break in if I don’t write for those places?” This question taps into a huge misconception: That content mills are the only path to becoming a known and valued writer. This is simply not true. …