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Weekly News Update 08/11/17 – Cooking Therapy Edition


This isn’t the usual reading and news update. First, because I’ve been doing very little reading this week. I’ve started a new novel, one that’s not part of my Fate series. It’s not even one that I’ve had on the back burner for a few months. It’s one that came to me with a boom, …


Literary Bluffing. Stop It!

Literary bluffing

Am I the only one who’s noticed that it has now become cooler to “have read” than “to read?” People are eager to jump in on conversations about books and articles that they haven’t read. Perhaps they saw a summary or a review, or heard about it on TV. Rather than actually read the piece …

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Weekly News Update & Reading List 03/03/17

Reading List 3/3/17

The library’s slowed down a bit in serving up books this week. Which is good, because I’ve been having trouble keeping up. My reading speed’s gone down since editing fried my brain. This week I only had one new book come in! (If I run out of actual books, I have a Kobo that’s so …