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Shut Up and Do as You’re Told. Or Not.

Do as you're told.

When we’re kids, the lesson that gets drilled into us more than any other is this: Do as you’re told. It’s right behind don’t talk to strangers and look both ways when crossing the street. And the more general, “Don’t be a moron.” We grow up trained in obedience. In school we have to obey …

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High School Shouldn’t Last Forever. Thank Goodness It Doesn’t Have To

High school lockers

Like many people, I hated high school. It was definitely not the high point of my life. I was unpopular, awkward, and interested in all the wrong things. Like most kids, I tried to fit in but eventually realized it was pointless. With my interests in sci-fi, board games, science, writing, and reading, there was …